Baby Talk

Liz @ Kunik
January 26, 2020

What did you talk about at your dinner table growing up? If your kids are old enough to talk, or babble, what do you talk about at your table today?

A new study shows that talking with your children – not just surrounding them with language, but actively engaging them in conversation – is one of the single most important things you can do for their language and brain development. Actively engaging with your child gives them the opportunity to practice their communication skills. By speaking with you, they learn how to understand what someone else is saying and how to respond accordingly.

Easy, right? It might sound simple, but many people wind up talking at their children rather than truly having a conversation with them. Instead, try asking lots of open-ended questions and focusing on topics of interest to your child. Give it a whirl tonight, and let us know in Kunik how it goes!

Liz  @ Kunik

Liz is mom to a baby boy and cofounder of Kunik.


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