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Support where work and life meet. Powered by community. Fueled by conversation.

What If Every Conversation
Could Inspire Change?

We’re all feeling burned out, overworked, and disconnected. Just when we need it most, remote and hybrid have made meaningful connection more elusive. Engage in meaningful conversations with your people and unlock their potential.


Bring humanity back to the workplace. Connect your people through their shared experiences and challenges.


We free-up your bandwidth and work collaboratively with your teams to build a vibrant and inclusive workplace

Reimagine how you bring your people together

“The best virtual social interaction I’ve ever had”

- Director, Global Benefits and Wellbeing

How Kunik Works

Sponsored by employers. Used by employees.

Push not pull

Unlike other benefits, your employees don’t need to search for us in the employee handbook. We bring support directly to your people. The result? High utilization, big impact.

Authentically yours

Culture development programs tailored to your people, needs and goals. We know every need is different, our programs are designed to scale for every goal and budget. Find out why leading employers swipe right on Kunik.

The Product (Our Solutions)

Kunik ensures your employees feel valued, seen, and heard.
We create people-first programs for community, connection, and learning.

Kunik Conversations

Recess for the workplace - more thoughtful, but just as fun. Join engaging group discussions with experts, customized for your people. Leave feeling wiser, connected, and supported.

Kunik Insights

Broaden your perspective and network of support. Kunik Insights connects your people with peers and leading experts for exclusive discussions and cohort based programs. Learn, grow, and share together.

Kunik Coordinators

Your thought & ‘get stuff done’ partner. Coordinators work with you, for your people. They bring your vision to life by designing custom programs that support your people and inspire culture.

Learn how to fuel your workplace with conversation and community.

Anatomy Of A
Kunik Conversation


Tell us your goals and we’ll help you reach them. Kunik customizes programs that deliver support where work & life meet. Whether it’s DEI, managers, burnout, or another challenge, we work with you for your people.

Best of the best

Kunik brings leading experts to your doorstep. Using our proprietary expert network, we curate programs that solve challenges, build connection, and enhance your culture.


Experience the Kunik difference: structured support, unparalleled engagement, & practical takeaways. We relentlessly prioritize our clients and their people. Customizable, scalable solutions that meet your needs & propel you forward.

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Connect your people. Advance your culture.
Bring Kunik to your workplace today.