Lean on peers,
learn from experts

Kunik creates space where your professional
and personal life intersect.

We Saved You A Seat

If you’re writing an email to your team, while bribing your kid with ice cream, and week old notifications are flashing on your screen, you’re our people. Nice to meet you.

Kunik is built around the idea of wholeness. You should be able to bring your whole self to work, and thrive.

When work gets stressful,
join a Kunik conversation.

Engaging group conversations with peers and Kunik experts.  Whether you’re discussing mental health or management, you’ll feel valued and supported.

When you’re wondering how to juggle the intergenerational workplace, check out Kunik Insights

Exclusively for Kunik members, Insights address broader and thematic challenges. Talk to peers who ‘get it’ & tap the minds of leading experts in our inter-company events.

When you need more inspiration to lead your Employee Resource Group, join the ERG leaders roundtable.

A quarterly roundtable for ERG leaders to share, brainstorm, and crowdsource solutions. Together we'll help you meet your goals.

When you’re a new mom barely treading water,
join Kunik Crews.

Imagine a small team that comes together during life’s largest transition points. Always expert facilitated. You’ll find success together.

Kunik is where you go for the questions
and conversations you just can’t Google

Feel So Good

They say seeing is believing, so we thought we’d show you how Kunik feels:

Ditching parental guilt

Improving time management

Addressing family drama

Improving your relationship with your manager

Learning how to give constructive feedback

Becoming a better listener

The peer support you want. The expert guidance you need. Ask your company for Kunik today.

Your employer signs up. You sign in.