Make work more human

Kunik builds better workplaces. Through expert-led conversations, we help companies connect, develop, and support their people. The result? A culture that retains the talent of today and attracts the talent of tomorrow.

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Fuel Your Workplace With Community & Conversation

Reimagine what brings your people to work.


Kunik builds cultures that thrive outside the cubicle and live wherever your people are.

Our programs -Kunik Conversations, focus groups, cohort training - bring your people together through discussions with vetted experts on the issues your people are passionate about and the challenges your business is facing. We tailor solutions to your: shared challenges, common goals, and similar experiences.


Bring your people together through intentional moments of connection, learning, and growth.

From ERGs to the C-Suite, Kunik designs programs to reinforce L&D, bolster DEI, create stronger teams, and build resilient, future ready workforces. We customize solutions using our proprietary network of experts to solve your real, life, business issues.


Culture is always evolving, so are your people. Kunik helps you build programs that adapt to your needs and keeps your people ahead. Our experts guide your teams, drive engagement, and deliver actionable insights your people can use today.

The result? Your people see valued, seen, and heard. Together, we co-create a better workplace.

We Have Fans, Not Just Our Moms

“I appreciate these conversations because it makes me feel like I’m not totally on an island.”

VP, Finance

“Kunik nails the balance of being highly informative and engaging. I loved that our attendees are part of the conversation!”

Manager, Employee Experience

“I haven’t had conversations like this at work before - only in my personal relationships outside of work. I finally feel like I know my coworkers”

Associate, Marketing

“Kunik is always striving to understand our population and to come up with the best programs and ways to interact with us.”

Director, Benefits & People Data

“Human and fun at work. What a concept!”

Senior Software Engineer

“Capacity is always an issue and we look to Kunik as a way to create more capacity and bring expertise”

HR, Generalist

Partners We Love

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"The best virtual social interaction I've ever had." Our average NPS*:


*NPS measures customer loyalty by asking the likelihood that you would recommend a service to a colleague or friend. A score > 70 is considered outstanding.

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The Kunik Difference

Dialogues not monologues

Kunik Conversations dive deep into a targeted topic. We focus on engagement to create the opportunity for your people to connect and share on the issues that matter most to them.

Breadth & Depth

Tap into our expanding network of leading experts, ready to provide guidance to your people. No topic is too big or small, our network grows to meet emerging challenges.

Thought Partner

We bring your ideas to life. In a constantly changing world, you need partners who execute and react in real time to meet the needs of your people. That’s Kunik, we get stuff done for you.


The result? Your people feel seen, valued and heard. Whether you're remote, hybrid, or on-site, Kunik Conversations ensure your people will share, learn, and grow together.

Press We Didn’t Pay For

From our kitchen table to yours, the Kunik newsletter serves up fresh insights where work & life meet.