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Your people are facing new and varied challenges. Kunik experts help them succeed.

In Your Corner: Kunik's Expert Network

Our diverse, world-class experts share the guidance and perspective your people need. By focusing on shared challenges and experiences, Kunik helps you support every employee as a whole person. The result? A leading culture and a resilient workforce.


Dialogues not monologues. We train our experts to drive engagement and spark meaningful conversations among your people.

We tailor support to focus on the real life challenges your people are facing.


The scale and quality of our expert network means you can offer differentiated support to your people through every challenge of work and life.

We continuously grow our network of experts to tackle the evolving needs of our partners.


Topics and formats are customized to resonate with your organization. Kunik Coordinators vet, match and prepare our experts so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to provide an engaging experience that delivers actionable, practical insights, and drives your people forward.

We Grow With You

Your needs are as diverse as your people. Every program we design is customized for you. But if you're curious, here are a few topics our partners love.

shared experiences

  • The immigrant experience
  • Talking to co-workers about race
  • Imposter syndrome: asset not a liability
  • Emoji-generation: the intergenerational workplace
  • Building better boundaries
  • Unpacking privilege
  • Remote team allyship + psychological safety
  • Widening our empathetic lens

shared challenges

  • Leading effective meetings in a remote world
  • Navigating challenging conversations
  • Active listening and communication strategies
  • Building inter-team trust through play and improv
  • Storytelling for people leaders
  • Leading with empathy and inclusion
  • Productivity: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Attraction and persuasion: effective influence

Shared populations

  • The Superwoman fallacy
  • Prideful parenting
  • Meaning after military
  • Smashing glass ceilings
  • Stuck in the middle: sandwich generation
  • Maternal optimism: work-life thriving
  • Leading Employee Resource Groups 101
  • Finding happiness your career & life

Are You an Expert?

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