Our mission is simple:

Make work human again.

Josh and Liz

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Liz and Josh. We’re long-time friends, recovering finance professionals, a mom, an uncle, dog whisperers, recipe sharers, and cofounders of Kunik.

What is Kunik? A community, a solution, an “I hear you, and I get it” team of support, a fortune cookie with a good piece of advice.

We partner with employers to support employees at the intersection of work & life. We do this through customized, expert-led conversations. 

We believe in a few truths:

  • People-first workplaces will win the war for talent
  • Every conversation has the power to build your culture
  • Inclusion & belonging are the driving forces of that culture

All of it boils down to one thing: whole person support. You must see your people for who they are and build a space where they can be themselves, and thrive.

Our Mission

Integrating work and life is a never-ending challenge, made harder by the rapid pace of change in the workplace. The challenges employees face continue to evolve. Kunik is a new type of support system — one that grows with you and supports your people as humans rather than just employees.

Some partners call us their 'Belonging Builder', others their 'Inclusion Partner', and all see us as their 'Thought & Get Stuff Done' partner. Truth is, we’re that and more.

Kunik sets the bar for humanity in business. Kunik makes work more human by building cultures that work from anywhere for everyone. We create a foundation for your people to do their best work and for organizational culture to thrive. Because what matters most is connecting your people to each other and giving them greater purpose at home, work, and in between.

Why Kunik?

Kunik (“coo-nik”) means “nose kiss.” Our goal is to transfer this warm, empathetic feeling to the work we do with our partners and their people.

This is our mission. We hope you join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about Kunik?

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Kunik is the only employee benefit that supports your people at the intersection of work, life, and family. Kunik ensures that your people feel valued, seen, heard, included, and connected no matter where they work. Unlike other programs, our programs are built for an HQ, hybrid, or remote world. In a world of app and tech everything, we pause to make work human again.

That means:  

  • Powered by community and experts.
  • Group vs. 1:1.
  • We focus on the whole person, not labels.
  • Customized programming that builds and compounds for your people. 
  • Push vs. pull – We bring Kunik to your people. There’s no need to search the benefit handbook to find our offerings.
  • Always add value, never duplicate: We work with your existing benefits to create an ecosystem of support.

Is Kunik inclusive of all employees?

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Kunik set out with the mission to provide inclusive, ongoing support for parents and caregivers. As we started working with more organizations, we realized that truly providing that support meant extending it to everyone in an organization.

While caregivers are bridge builders, everyone has a family, and what really drives culture, connection, and belonging is connecting each and every member of your organization through the issues that matter most to them. Inclusion means celebrating and recognizing that we're each different and alike, and this has been central to our mission from the beginning. That's how we got our name “Kunik,” which means nose kiss.

We're thrilled to continue to provide that same level of inclusive and emphatic support to your caregivers, and now bring it firm-wide to every corner of your company.

How does Kunik integrate with other employee benefits?

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We believe in helping you build an ecosystem of support that in turn helps your people no matter where they are on their journey. Our services are designed to be modular and customized so that we always complement — never duplicate — existing benefit offerings.

Our Kunik Coordinators are educated in your suite of benefits during onboarding and are trained to encourage/direct employees to these benefits when beneficial and needed. We want to drive use of what you have and help fill gaps where
you need it.

Does Kunik support ERGs?

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Yes! Kunik partners closely with employee resource groups (ERGs), leaders, executive sponsors, and DEI teams. Kunik helps ERGs fulfill their goals, relieves leaders of administrative tasks, and customizes practical, actionable expert programming

In addition to expert-facilitated programming for individual ERGs, we help companies develop unique intersectional programming across ERGs — this is part of our ‘Whole Person’ approach in supporting every employees’ full identity.

Examples of programs we’ve customized for our partners include:

  • Listening circles
  • Understanding the Immigrant experience
  • Imposter syndrome: asset, not a liability  
  • Navigating the intergenerational workplace
  • Remote and hybrid management
  • Talking to coworkers about race
  • Active listening and communications
  • Caring for elderly loved ones

Our ERG leader roundtable brings together leaders from across global companies to collaborate and share best practices. Thinking about starting an ERG? Let us know; we’re here to help.

Interested in learning more about our ERG support? Join our next ERG roundtable.

How does implementation work?

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The short answer? Quick, easy, and seamless.

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, and we’ve built Kunik to seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions and to be a light lift for our partners. We want to take work off your shoulders. The nuts and bolts? We are a tech-enabled solution and can launch in as little as two weeks. Our Kunik Coordinators work closely with you and your team to prepare a successful launch and develop an ongoing communications strategy.

Members register for Kunik’s community on desktop or via mobile app with their work email. Kunik does not collect personal or health information.

sounds great! How much does it cost to bring it to my org?

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We’d love to work with you in bringing support to your entire organization!

Contact us to learn more.