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Meet Kunik Crews: digital, hand-select groups for new and expecting parents. Built by and for today's working parents. Go forward with confidence.

Small Groups • Peers • Experts

They say it takes a village

With Kunik, you’ll find yours. Kunik Crews are intimate groups for new and expecting parents. You’ll be hand matched with other parents and receive weekly coaching from vetted experts to support and prepare you as you transition into parenthood and return back to work.

Completely digital, private groups, designed for working parents.

Supporting you through
life’s largest transition

Becoming a parent has never been more stressful. Kunik Crews are designed for you: supportive, informative, judgment free, and convenient (join from home!). Built by working parents, for working parents

Your Crew

You’ll be matched to your Crew by due date/age, career, and goals. Meet weekly with your Kunik Guide and connect with your Crew anytime. From late night texts to awkward baby questions, your Crew provides encouragement and perspective when you need it most.

  • Parental Leave Coach
  • Career + Leadership Coach
  • Birth Coach / Materinty Concierge
  • Pre & Postpartum Doula
  • Lactation, Formula + Feeding
  • Sleep Coaching: nighttime & naps
  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness
  • Pre & Postnatal Nutrition
  • Childcare: Finding the right fit
  • Family Systems: Relationships, siblings

Your Coaches

A team of vetted coaches just for you. We shape our classes around your evolving needs and cover every topic, with a focus on the intersection of parenthood and career. We’ll help you plan and prepare for your leave and transition back to work with confidence. Have more questions? Our coaches are always available.


Having a baby is a big deal. Kunik Crews prepare you for whatever is headed your way, with a focus on practical guidance, privacy, and lasting friendships. Our digital groups are convenient (no more hauling a baby out to meetings!) and are designed specifically around the needs of working parents.


Access support

Kunik connects you to our Caregiver Network, a private, global peer network of other working parents and caregivers who can relate — as well as experts who can guide you. Join conversations at the intersection of work and caregiving, and share experiences with a community that can relate. Get the support and questions you need answered, from people who get it.

Join Your Crew

Kunik Crews are intimate groups of working caregivers, custom-matched with others on similar journeys. Connect, share, and learn from expert guides and others in your crew. Whether it’s the everyday issues or the big questions, gain reliable insights that you just can’t Google.

Learn From the Experts

We know you have many questions about family leave, child care, flex time, work schedule, and more. Get access to expert guidance and practical resources covering your every need.

The Details

You’ll be custom matched in small groups to maximize connection and learning. Enjoy weekly meetings led by your Kunik Guide and Q+A with our expert coaches. We prepare you for everything from birth to baby and career.

Being a working parent isn’t easy, having a Crew helps.


  • 8-10 members, custom matched
  • Formed by age, interests, or career
  • Chat with your Crew anytime


  • Private, digital group for your Crew
  • Access to Kunik's Peer Network
  • Hassle free, join meetings from home


  • Choose 8 or 12 week programs
  • Weekly coaching sessions & Q+A
  • Prices vary

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