How global law firm Reed Smith fights caregiver burnout with Kunik

"Kunik is a great solution because they’re flexible. They came into our organization and molded their offerings in a way that speaks to our unique people, culture, systems, and operations."

Hannah Lincecum, Senior HR Manager at Reed Smith

Learn how Kunik partnered with Reed Smith, a progress-driven global law firm, to create their Family Network and tangibly support employees who are caregivers.

  • 15 Conversations held in first year, avg 94% NPS
  • Tailored Stress Burnout series for attorneys & staff: 92% NPS 
  • 3 Audiences served: Caregivers, Attorneys, & Staff
  • Launched Reed Smith Family Network


Reed Smith is a progress-driven, collaborative law firm with over 3,000 global employees across 31 offices in the U.S., Middle East, Asia, and Europe. They work across multiple industries, from energy and natural resources to health care to transportation. 

The Problem

Unfulfilled caregiving needs can cause major stress and burnout which impacts retention.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, an outcry went up among Reed Smith personnel who suddenly were in need of required expanded caregiving services. The firm was at serious risk of stress and burnout, employee attrition if they didn’t solve this deficit.  “We also knew the importance of acknowledging the caregiver experience, especially during this difficult time,” says Hannah Lincecum, Senior Manager of HR Special Projects at Reed Smith.

It’s most notable in the widespread inability to retain working mothers as attorneys. Caregiving responsibilities historically and presently tend to fall on women in families. Fortunately, the team at Reed Smith found Kunik to help them provide that crucial support and understanding. 

The Solution

Create a global HR program that provides community & support to caregivers

When Reed Smith onboarded, Kunik was already a leading provider of social networks and access to experts on family and caregiving in the workplace.

“It was an easy, natural fit for us to partner up immediately.” 

The partnership was streamlined from day one due to Kunik’s flexibility. They came to Reed Smith and molded their offerings to the firm, as opposed to a pre-packaged, catch-all product. No matter what topic Hannah presented, Kunik was able to source the right experts for insights and suggestions. 

After she presented Reed Smith’s dilemma, Kunik rolled up their sleeves and got to the root of the issue. Ultimately, Kunik helped them launch their Family Network, a global HR program dedicated to caregivers. The network regularly: 

  1. Builds a caregiver community within the organization
  2. Provides benefits and expert sessions (with Kunik and other sources)
  3. Provides caregivers at Reed Smith with a voice to company leadership
“Kunik is really embedded in our culture now. That's what has made this partnership so successful: their versatility and their ability to adapt.” 

The Results

The Family Network shifts Reed Smith’s culture for the better

Kunik’s core value-add is not only counteracting employee attrition, but also radically improving the wellness of Hannah’s HR department. Through concrete programming, expert consultations, and loyal business partnership, we’ve helped positively shift the culture at Reed Smith. 

According to Hannah, Kunik has been essential to the Family Network at every step. Today, the program has become basic firm vocabulary, which demonstrates its tactical use to her team. 

Take a look at some other trackable benefits Kunik has driven: 

  • 15 Conversations held in first year, avg 94% NPS
  • Tailored Stress Burnout series for attorneys & staff: 92% NPS 
  • 3 Audiences served: Caregivers, Attorneys, & Staff
  • Launched Reed Smith Family Network
“Kunik is such an invaluable resource. I have to say: That is just not something you get with a lot of third-party vendors.” 

The Future

Looking forward, Hannah and her team are thrilled to continue partnering with us because, in her words, “The Kunik team is creative, and their ideas are bold.” This has resulted in “really great synergy” that drives palpable results. Both personally and professionally, the team at Kunik are the kind of people Hannah wants in her corner. 

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